Silhouette Cameo 4 Die Cutting Machine Review


Are you a creative or a crafter? If so, listen up! I got my hands on a Silhouette Cameo 4 and got the chance to experience it firsthand. I love creating vinyl shapes and various vinyl and sticker products for both myself and my online store. This machine does an incredible job satisfying the needs I have for these projects!

1)Cuts three times faster than the Cameo 3 – The Cameo 4 cuts three times faster for straight line cutting. The curve that you need cut is done twice as quickly. I also want to emphasize that clearance for the material on the Cameo 4 is 3mm, whereas the Cameo 3 has a 2mm clearance.


2) Has Twenty Times the Force of Previous Cameo Models – The Cameo 4 allows you to create deep cuts on tough material including leather wood, and metal. This solves a major issue that the Cameo 3 had: weak cutting power, especially in comparison to other comparable devices on the market.


3) A Fully Revamped and Powerful New Dual Carriage – The carriage of the Cameo 4 is remarkably similar to the Cricut Maker. You’re able to rotary blades and other tools for seamless fabric cutting. This technology is amazing, and keeps your design in line with your vision and very precise.


4) The Ability to Use Exciting New Tools – If you enjoy working with fabric and/or felt, you can seamless do this with the Silhouette rotary Blade. If you want to precisely cut material, use the Silhouette Craft Blade. Also note that Silhouette has made it so you can move your Silhouette Cameo 3 tools over to the Cameo 4. They announce more upgrades and tools over time, so there’s no end to the excitement!


Other Amazing Features and Benefits

The Cameo 4’s powerful and modern technology and design makes it nearly unbeatable. But there are even more exciting features that make this product great!

The first feature you’ll notice is the touch screen. With everything else nowadays being run by touch screen, it’s great to have a cutter with a touch screen as well.

You’ll also love how easy it is to use the roll feeder, vinyl cutters, and the vinyl crosscutter. They’re all now part of this machine, which makes using them quite convenient. The lid has been totally revamped as well, as it slides right back in the machine.

If you have limited space, don’t worry about putting it in a smaller space. It will fit just fine! (just be sure to do measurements prior to purchasing the device).

A retracting cover is included for more safety, and the included software will detect whatever tools you add to the Cameo 4. This will save you both time and stress!

This machine is the one that we crafters have wanted for years, at a power level that crushes the competition, and a price that’s utterly unbeatable!

Hurry to your nearest craft shop and pick up your Cameo 4 today! There’s an endless number of things you can make! Conduct research beforehand and you’ll see that this is indeed the right machine for your project needs!