Cricut Maker Die Cutting Machine Review


Cricut’s Maker is an exceptional cutting machine that also serves as a first-rate fabric cutter. Key features of the machine include fabric-cutting capability (using its powerful and unique rotary blade) and cutting of thick materials up to 2.4mm thick (utilizing its knife blade).

The Maker includes software to make images to draw and then cut out with the vinyl cutter. Choose over a hundred materials ranging from thick (balsa wood) to thin (various fabrics). This machine is incredible fast and cuts with seamless precision.

We’re huge fans of the adaptive tool system which calculates the force depending on the material you use and we’re ecstatic to see the extension of projects ready to go that feature ready-to-cut sewing patterns you can use.

The cutting area dimensions are 12” by 24”. This size is okay, but we wish it were even bigger. Another downside is that the knife blade isn’t in the box. We also wanted to see better software included, but instead they included the older Design Space software feature in previous Cricut products.

One of the Maker’s hottest selling points is that we use it as our fabrics’ vinyl cutter. Cricut has outdone themselves with this feature; we love the fact you can make better cuts from these sewing designs.

It’s also the only hoppy vinyl cutter we recommend for fabric cutting, as other machines (like the Explore Air 2 and Cameo 3) really struggle to create clean cuts.

The cutter is very flexible regarding how you complete the projects.

Those that enjoy easy projects can use one of the free projects (there are 50) and sewing designs (25) that are included with the Maker.

Those who enjoy doing their own unique approach will be satisfied as well; you can utilize your own fonts and images. Just migrate the designs over from Illustrator, Photoshop, and/or additional programs.

The Maker is more expensive than many other comparable machines, but the Cricut Maker is absolutely one of the greatest fabric vinyl cutters on the market.

We’re in love with the fact that the machine is so incredibly versatile that it handles everything from tissue paper to gossamer-thin fabrics to leather and balsa wood.

The machine gives you tons of top specs and features. The lightning-speed cutting abilities, the affordable price, and the seamless fit with all Cricut tools of the current, past, and future, you can be assured the machine will last for the years to follow!

The Maker is an unprecedented and groundbreaking cutting machine.

What makes it stand out is the ability to handle fabric without backing needs, so this is a perfect device for sewing fans.

We’re personally big fans of its precise and clean cuts from thin silk to thick balsa wood. It gives 4 kilograms of force and can cut densities up to 2.4mm thick (just make sure to pick up the knife blade add-on!)

We highly recommend the Maker and continue to be amazed by its great power and valuable features!