Accuquilt GO Fabric Cutter Review


When you first look at the AccuQuilt GO, you may notice it resembles a futuristic typewriter complete with a carrying handle and a side rotary handle. This amazing product can fold down and turn into a flat machine perfect for cutting through many types of fabric.

What is AccuQuilt Go?

The AccuQuilt brand is well-known for helping quilters save time cutting up and measuring pieces for projects. Once you try AccuQuilt products, it’s doubtful you’ll ever go back to what you were doing before! It’ll make all the cuts you need, utilizing its value die (included with your device) and a steady and firm hand.


The AccuQuilt webpage explains that you can use the cutting system to cut up to six fabric layers per batch – hard to believe but true! You won’t want to go back to your regular manual work once the machine starts working – its ergonomic design has been streamlined specifically to reduce the effort you need to make. AccuQuilt includes some excellent resources which makes quilting a blast right away.


AccuQuilt GO is also amazing portable, which makes it even more of a must-have product for everyone from the casual hobbyist to the seasoned quilter. You can take it anywhere you want, from fairs, retreats, competitions, classes, etc. To unpack it, you’ll just need to open the latch and set the machine on a level and flat surface. When finished, simply fold up the ends and close the latch.

AccuQuilt makes multiple improvements with this latest product. A quarter-inch seam lets you seamlessly cut geometric patterns and shapes. The corners are dog-eared and make additional clipping unnecessary, and the innovative Two-Tone Foam tech allows Go! Users to align all the fabric shapes. This allows you to retain more of your quilt material while minimizing waste.


Excellent Construction Quality – AccuQuilt is well-known for making excellent-quality products (displayed in their Go Big, Go, and Studio 2 machines). The side handle moves both ways and turns very easily, and it’s so strong it can produce up to 6 quilt materials at one time!

Superb Customer Service – A DVD is included as an informative resource for beginners to quilting.  AccuQuilt has created excellent training materials for training rookies and experts alike in the ways to properly and efficiently use their products. The site also features a knowledge database with even more useful information.

Lots of Dies for Your Use – AccuQuilt users can use the included dies to do amazing work, and can acquire additional extra dies if needed.

The More You Cut, The Better You Get! – The more you cut using the AccuQuilt GO, the better you’ll be at creating quilt fabric cuts. You’ll also complete your work faster! You won’t need to waste additional time creating your cuts.


Replacing Mats – You’ll need to invest in multiple mats, as using cutting systems ensures that the mats get worn out after just a few projects. Depending on how big your quilt(s) will be, be ready to buy quite a few of these.

Dies that are Incompatible – The AccuQuilt cutting products, including AccuQuilt GO, only work with dies from their own brand, though this won’t be a big problem for you.


AccuQuilt GO’s price tag may be big, but don’t let it concern you. The value you get for it is immeasurable, as demonstrated by the countless quilt and craft makers using it today. You’ll save time by skipping the labor necessary to cut the quilt fabrics, while having more time to enjoy the process and get the exact cuts you need. In conclusion, AccuQuilt GO Is an exception product for the price!